What a Funny Watch

One is reminded also of an earlier piece by Carroll in which he proves that a stopped clock is more accurate than one that loses a minute a day. The first clock is exactly right twice every twenty-four hours, whereas the other clock is exactly right only once in two years. “You might go on to ask,” Carroll adds, ” ‘How am I to know when eight o’clock does come? My clock will not tell me.’ Be patient: you know that when eight o’clock comes your clock is right; very good; then your rule is this: keep your eyes fixed on the clock and the very moment it is right it will be eight o’clock.”

Lewis Carroll; Martin Gardner. The Annotated Alice, The Definitive Edition.  New York, W. W. Norton & Company, 2000. Chapter VII: A Mad Tea-Party; note 7 (p. 74).


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